About Us

Ever since the beginning of modern civilization, the enhancement and uplifting of space that are available in any building has been a prevailing subject and a subject in a constant state of mutation. In fact, many design theorists consider that the life-quality of a building space depends on the proportion of shared space available and how it is utilized.

There is no doubt that the furniture plays a leading role in making people’s presence in the building more frequent, agreeable and comfortable. A well distributed arrangement of interiors and furniture with proper shade will contribute to making a building more accessible, encouraging a more positive and lively relation between its visitors.

Thus, an obvious improvement will ensure, strengthening the vision throughout.

Indeed, the special type of furniture seems to have become vital for contemporaneous aspect of the interiors of any building and not only can these items become a distinctive feature of any building, but it is the design and degree to which we address the solution to everyday problems.

The adaptation to different spaces, the durability or resistance to harsh atmospheric conditions and aesthetics prevails as constant challenge to architects and designers.

A Studio Design’s and Interior design hub in Bangalore established for over a decade and half. It specializes in planning, designing and execution of all spaces for dwelling, working and playing in corporate sectors as well as other establishment on a turnkey basis. Designs and characterized by skillful functionality and radiating aesthetic sensibility. Its core philosophy is to add value by utilizing natural resources sunlight, proper ventilation and unhindered spatial feel.

The Company upgrades architectural and interior design trends and technology to serve its clientele.